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A Espera de Liz剧情内容介绍

A Espera de Liz又名Liz's Wait

Liz is surrounded by doubts and uncertainties. Introspective, she searches for the reason why her partner Miguel has gone. While looking for deep inside answers, she feels the need for emotional support from her younger sister Lara. Little by little, the connection between the two sisters becomes **** intense. They both rethink their inner values and strengthen their love and a...

发布于2019年。由Bruno Torres执导,并且由编剧Bruno Torres、Simone Iliescu携幕后团队创作。集众多位罗萨妮·穆略兰德、Bruno Torres、Ingra Liberato、Simone Iliescu等著名实力派明星加盟。


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